Trying My Turbo

22/03/2014   |   Posted by jeremy

Trying my turbo

This week saw me trying to get back on the bike again after a bit of a long layoff due to dizzy spells. It was last Sunday morning and the weather was fair, this time I was determined to get further than the 2-3 miles I had managed in previous weeks due to the ongoing problem. I am a glasses wearer but usually I don’t wear them on the bike because my eyesight is not that bad. But this day I thought I would wear them just to help things along a bit.

I decided to take out my Trek as this is my most comfortable bike and also has the widest bars of my bikes so should help with better feelings of control. I set off and within about half a mile I realized that the problem was still there. I stopped for a while contemplating if this was the end of the road for my cycling before finally deciding to crack on at a pace that I may get used to. The previous week I had met a slight hill and had to get off as my balance went completely and there was no way I could stay clipped in. This week the road was quiet and I went for it. It was a bit on the scary side but I did get up it. At last a little triumph for me. I carried on a route that didn’t take me too far from home but allowed me enough of a decent test ride.

Unfortunately for me it was also gusty that day and with cross winds hitting me making me feel unsteady. I pushed on and eventually I found I was starting to relax a bit. I did my return part of the loop on a busier section of road but that wasn’t the best idea so I diverted back down another quieter road. I decided that I needed to test my legs a bit since I was lacking in mileage and close by there is a short but steep hill that runs down to a railway line. I headed down the hill at a very sedate pace which was ok then at the bottom, turned round and headed up. It was hard work but to my surprise I found I could get up without too much fuss. Once at the top I thought I would go at it again so down I went again but this time I let my bike run without applying the brakes that much. I was starting to get more settled. Once back at the top I headed for home.

By the time I got back I had covered 20 miles. It may not sound like much when you’re used to doing 50’s without a care but at the moment for me it was a bit of a milestone.  Spurred on by my success I thought I would dig out my step son’s turbo trainer so I could set up my training bike on it. This would at least give me the chance to start building up some miles without the wobbly factor being a problem.

I had never used one before so it was a bit weird at first. I did like the fact that I could have my music on and drinks and phone at hand.  I was surprised by the fact that I started to sweat and realised that this was due to the fact that there was no wind, so I grabbed an old towel which I could wipe myself and the bike with. I did 40 minutes at a steady 93 r.p.m. With the gear I was turning this equated to around 15 miles.

Later in the week I did the same again and with my first 20 miles and my short ride to and from the office I managed to clock up 62 miles in total and was pleased with the week’s efforts.

This weekend I will try and hit the road again weather permitting and will also keep using the turbo in the garage. I am also hoping that I will soon be free of the dizziness for good, although I’ve been told that these things can take some time to get clear.