Tour De France Stage 2 Vise - Tournai

03/07/2012   |   Posted by jeremy

Stage 2 was all about the sprinters. There was an interview with Mark Cavendish before the start and he seemed quite relaxed. I think the pressure is off him a bit having Bradley Wiggins as the team leader for Sky. This could mean more stage wins as he could probably enjoy the racing without the pressure to perform. This is probably totally the wrong opinion but it’s mine, so that’s fair enough I think.

Anyway back to the action. It was a fairly uneventful stage, I know I said that yesterday but in truth it was. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it and for a change I watched the highlights on ITV 4. I do enjoy their coverage with Phil Liggett. He’s been commentating on the Tour since I can remember and I have fond memories of watching Channel 4’s coverage for years. Really they were ahead of their time with their regular teatime output. The voice of the great man always says to me Tour De France, well not literally  but in my imagination

As you can probably guess by now this is not a definitive guide to the Tour, more the ramblings of a middle aged man who likes to imagine that he could have been a pro cyclist if he had his time again.

 Oh yes, sorry back to the stage, well umm, oh that was it, the pace was very high again towards the end. They reckon around 40 mph. Cavendish looked like he had lost his entire team and was on his own but when Andre Greipel kicked, Cav chased him down and went passed him to win his 21ststage by half a wheels length, with Matt Goss in third. All three of these guys were former team mates so that was interesting.

 I really like the insider guide to the tour that Ned Boulting and Chris Boardman do just after the advert break, today’s was all about the lead out for the sprint. All very entertaining, so if you get the chance give it a look.

Well that’s just about it from me for today so stay tuned for who knows what tomorrow will bring, for me probably another rainy day, so that will be lovely.

By the way, the overall results were pretty much the same as yesterday so I won’t bother putting them up again, but I will let you know if anything changes, Ta Ta….