The London Bike Show Part 2

20/01/2013   |   Posted by jeremy



I had spent the night round at my Stepson James who rather handily for me lives in London, so after I left the show on Friday it was a quick, no slow drive across the city to his place. After I installed myself into his living room, we spent the evening with takeaway Pizza and a few beers. He did me proud and made me feel very at home.

Next morning I was wide awake at just before 6.00 am. This is quite usual for me but I soon realised it would be easier raising the dead at that time of day than trying to rouse a houseful of students so I went back to bed for an hour. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer so up I got and headed for the kitchen in search of a cup of tea.

Tea in hand I started planning our day as we were both going to be walking about the show meeting people and generally having a nice time. Eventually, he was up and we were on the road but he doesn’t operate very well in the morning without first having a coffee and something to eat. I said we would grab something when we got to the show. Once inside we headed for the nearest food outlet, rather oddly we chose a pasty bar, pasties for breakfast, it sounds weird but you should try it we might start a trend.

Once inside the show we split up and arranged to meet at various time intervals. The atmosphere at the show on Saturday was much better; there was a real buzz about the place. There were loads more people all milling about and checking out all the goodies on offer. James was concentrating on talking to the public while I spent most of the day searching out the smaller stands where the smaller or start-up businesses were showing off their goods.

First up was Tom Considine, who runs  they sell a really great storage system for bikes that looked a bit like a snail shell. A choice of two or four bike storage in various colours made from recycled materials. It all bolts to the floor and had a pretty secure looking locking mechanism. Simplicity was the key here and I’m sure he will sell a bucket load so check out their website.

Next was Simon Horrocks of Outline works ltd. You can find them at  they were selling a unique bike hanging storage system that comes in the shape of various deer or bull head designs. The finishes are either rubberised or a sort of plush short velvet finish. Both will leave no markings on your frames. These would look great on your garage walls, all very manly stuff. They may even look good on your living room wall if you so desired or allowed.

As a short break, James and I headed over to the boat show which was on opposite the bike show. Wow is all I can say. I know there are some expensive bikes around these days but compared to the cost of even the smallest boat they are mere grains of sand. They also had a rather nice selection of the most beautiful super cars. After half an hour of drooling we headed back to the bike show.

It was time for a chat with a guy called Geoff from  He has just entered the e bike market by selling an upgrade component for your existing bike. Basically you replace your existing front wheel with one of their RevOwheels. A wheel that contains a motor and battery all in one unit. Simple to install with the readout unit fixing to the handlebars, just the thing if you are looking convert your current bike into an e bike.

My last stop of the day was to see Jon Aston of Chickens frame emporium. Jon works out of Brighton making bespoke steel bike frames to order. Having had a close look at the frame he had on the stand you could tell it was very skilfully made. He can put together just about anything you could want. If you want to contact him you can reach him on 07941 779903 I’m sure he can take care of your frame building needs. He also does frame repairs too.

Towards the end of the day I was starting to get a little concerned about the weather as I had to get back to my lovely wife back in Suffolk where the promise of an Indian was on offer. So I said my goodbyes to James before heading back up the A12.

It was a great show all in all and if you get the chance to go next year do check it out, there is plenty to see and do and also take part in.

Not sure what the next blog will be about yet so once again stay tuned for the next pearls of wisdom that fall out of my brain, ta ta. smiley