The London Bike Show Part 1

19/01/2013   |   Posted by jeremy


Well it was an early start to the day as when I woke up I found it had been snowing heavily during the night. First job of the day was to de-ice the car. This took a while but eventually I was on the road bound for the big smoke. As it turned out I missed most of the traffic. The snow stayed away for much of the journey but as I got into London it started pelting it down. As if driving round London isn’t stressful enough.

The car park at the Excel centre was only half full, which I thought was a pretty bad sign. Still it meant there was plenty of choice as far as spaces. To be honest that always confuses me because I can never decide where to leave the car. Once parked up it was a quick change into my Preowned Cycles promotional T shirt and then a short run through the snow to the entrance. That was bad enough though. Once inside I was greeted with a large empty space where I was expecting a huge throng of bodies. Never mind I thought, it’s still early so I started to wander around nodding at people and making small talk.

 I do like this show because it’s not too large. I’m a bit like rain man when I first get into these places as I get a bit unnerved by big spaces with loads going on and I don’t know what to do first. It takes me a while to get my bearings, but after a while I settled down. This was helped I have to say with a head, neck and shoulder massage from the Ibiza Angels who were on hand to sooth away any aches and pains.

I did a couple of fast laps of the show trying to take in all the bikey stuff on offer before meeting up with the chaps at Veleco, who were selling their range of ethical cycle wear, after an invitation to come and say hi on twitter. It’s always good to put faces to names and I had the added bonus of entering their competition to win some cycle clothing. After another twitter conversation I headed over to the Madison stand, which by the way was enormous to check out the artwork on the walls by Mark Fairhurst. They are very cool looking cycling images that would look great on my walls at home, I would highly recommend checking out his work.

I was giving away promo cards at the show to get free adverts on our site and basically walking round like an advertising billboard. The atmosphere was great and it was nice to meet people and just talk bikes. As always there were lots of gadgets to view. I really like tools and spent a good deal of time looking at tools from Lezyne and Park tools. I am drawn to stuff I haven’t already got and picked up an odd looking tool and thought to myself what on earth I would use this for before realising it was in fact a bottle opener. Incidentally I did it again five minutes later and this time discovered I’d picked up a set of bbq tools. I guess these guys look for any marketing opportunity.

Moving on there was an impressive test track where you could take bikes for a couple of circuits. I also spotted Sir Chris Hoy talking about you guessed it, cycling but to be honest I was a little distracted by everything that was around to really concentrate on what he was talking about.

If you were feeling peckish there were loads of food outlets just outside the main hall, so I snuck out for a quick sausage and mash. By 3.30pm it was really time to go as it looked like the weather wasn’t being too kind. I was staying the night in London with my Stepson James so that was quite a nice short drive to his place. We are both going to the show on Saturday so if you see us do come and say hi, we are always happy to talk to anyone.

I will post up another blog later to tell you all about the Saturday show so stay tuned as it were.