The Electric Revolution

29/06/2012   |   Posted by jeremy

A few years ago, electric bikes were a very rare sight on our roads. But if you look around today you will notice that they are becoming a lot more popular and they are not just being used by the elder generation either.

There are even whole shops dedicated to selling just electric bikes. I suppose many of you who ride a regular bike, that is, leg powered,  may have dismissed these machines or the people that ride them as not being proper bikes or riders. I must admit I thought the same thing until I started to look at them and spoke to a few people that ride them.

 Here’s where they are great, If you are a commuter and you want to bike to work without getting very sweaty they are brilliant they will assist you on your way with just the right amount of effort. I’m sure their work colleagues would also agree that not stinking up the place is a good thing. Next are people who may be shall we say a little bit older, the electrically assisted bike is perfect for starting to build cardiovascular fitness. If they haven’t ridden a bike for many years they can use the combination of leg and electric power to slowly build up their fitness levels without putting too much strain on their bodies. As they become fitter, they enjoy the experience more, so want to go further. Some I suspect may then start looking at regular bikes and want to switch completely.

There is also the green aspect of this too because there are people who ride these just to save money by not using the car, I know there is the cost of charging but it is minuscule in comparison with the price of petrol and the gasses the cars pump out. Lastly I have noticed that some of these bikes no longer look like the traditional electric bike, I have come across several mountain bikes that I didn’t even realise had a battery.

 As the technology develops and batteries get smaller and lighter they will evolve into lighter and more mainstream looking bikes. I think as long as people are getting out there and having fun on two wheels that’s the real point, don’t also forget the old saying “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” believe me I’ve had a go on a couple and they do put a smile on your face.