The Cuddly Cyclist, My Journey Begins.

25/07/2015   |   Posted by jeremy


Well I have done it!!! I have after 45 years joined millions of you out there; I have bought my first road bike! What’s unusual about that? Well let me introduce myself.

I don’t do exercise, I know I should, I’m surrounded by people who do, basically I was built for comfort. I am an extremely cuddly, wine drinking very social lady. Hard working wife and mother who, though I know what I should be doing doesn’t do it, this is starting to sound like an internet dating advert, oops anyway in my family I have three men who exercise lots and they all love road cycling in its various forms, It’s a huge part of their lives.

My husband owns and runs a self-growing cycling website, Preowned cycles, you may have heard of it and not only cycles himself but repairs and maintains other people’s bikes too. My son is a daily commuter, cycling to and from the station on his fixie (hubby told me that bit as I don’t have a clue what it is) and my nephew works very hard in a bike shop and thinks nothing of riding 50 miles each way just to get a haircut.

So I’m constantly told what a wonderful sport / hobby cycling or biking is, you see my knowledge is low. I’m not a total novice though; I do have a bike so I suppose I’m a cyclist already but my gorgeous bike is built for comfort just like me. It’s a black and cream Pendleton. I do know that Victoria Pendleton was a professional bikerist who now makes bikes herself, although I’m sure she must have a little help with that. My bike has a lovely basket with colour coordinated orange and grey bunting on it. My hubby who has four proper bikes smiles at my bunting in that way people used to at me in the gym when I turned up in my miss matching track suit and scruffy trainers.

Anyway back to me not being a cycling novice. On my Pendleton I zig zag happily on our cycle paths to the local supermarket, smiling and waving at people as I go to buy my treats, usually wine and chocolate, then zig zag my way home, no breathlessness just pleasure but then the supermarket is only half a mile away.

So why road biking and why now? Well road biking because I have tried everything, diets, gyms and walking but none of these give me a buzz. I see the people around me and love the fact cycling gives them that buzz and I want some too. Why now? Because I need to do something, my joints ache, I get breathless just getting into a lift and I don’t enjoy being fat, there I have written it down so it must be true. I know I may get shot down by fellow cuddly people but I’m starting to hate it. So after trying diets and many forms of exercise including spending a small fortune on a gym membership and with the total support of the men in my life I’m going to be a road cyclist.

This is the beginning of a new journey for me, I’m the least likely person for this but I know (and I apologise for this) if I can do it any other cuddly person can too. To provide reassurance I have just had my 45 year M.O.T. I am bizarrely healthy though morbidly obese. My very lovely nurse did however suggest that I might want to start exercising.

I have the support of my hubby who has already scared me with clear instructions of things to be careful of i.e. white lines, drain covers, stray dogs, pot holes and traffic and small children, wow, quite a lot of stuff there. For those of you out there who don’t have a caring if slightly paranoid hubby I have found that there is a great online community of support in the form of various clubs and websites etc.

So I hope you will join me on my new adventure. Next week I go into a bike shop, for most of you I’m sure this is the norm but for me it’s totally out of my comfort zone although very exciting, so come back next week to see how I got on.