T.d.f 2012 Prologue

01/07/2012   |   Posted by jeremy


Tour De France 2012 Prologue

Here we go, at last the Tour De France 2012 is here. Yesterday saw proceedings start with the parade of the teams onto the stage. As much as I love watching the TDF even I find this bit a little bit tedious, well boring quite frankly, but I’m  sure there are many of you that even love this bit, I like to get down to the racing.

This year’s tour kicked off in Liege, in Belgium and hosted the prologue. This consisted of a 6.4 km individual time trial round the streets of Liege. How exciting it was when they started rolling down the ramp. I have a quick tip for you here, I’m sure that lots of you have Sky + and this is brilliant because you can record the whole thing on series link and then watch the bits that interest you.

For instance the guys on the prologue that might not be either you favourites or who you may not even know, you can skip through. This may not make me seem like the most avid fan of  ” Le Grand Boucle “ but if you’re like me you just won’t have the luxury of watching the whole of the TV coverage every day. Especially if you have a Tour De France widow or wife as they are more commonly known, that would much prefer to be watching May the Best House Win.

Now I don’t want to offend our women readers so to balance this up I should point out that I know plenty of you out there that love nothing more than 3 weeks of bike racing with fantastic scenery as its back drop. That honestly wasn’t meant to sound patronising, I love the scenery too.

Back to the action. I’m not a guru who pretends to know everything there is about Le Tour, so this is just a kind of lay man’s approach. Plus we all have our favourites, mine being Fabian Cancellara.

Everyone who watches this kind of thing will know that most of the action comes towards the end of the prologue where the really fast guys will be starting. The course this year was quite technical around the centre of Liege. There were cobbles, traffic calming humps and a very dodgy looking loop around a roundabout which saw a couple of guys nearly slide out.

All eyes were on Bradley Wiggins as expected. He looked like he was really in the zone straight out of the gate, but by the halfway mark was six seconds down on the leader. The second half of the course was less technical which suited him and he snatched the lead. Surely this couldn’t be beaten. But wait who’s this just starting off, oh yes it’s the legendry Swiss four times, time trialling world champion, Fabian Cancellara. Will he or won’t he beat Wiggo’s time I was wondering and was torn between my loyalty for the Brit and my favourite rider and all round nice guy, Fabian. By the time he got to the line he was 7 seconds up, yes, yes come on!!! He did it and showed he is back on form and I suspect on course for an Olympic gold later in the year (oooh, bit of a bold statement).

So that was it Prologue done and the results looked like this:

  1. F.Cancellara                                                        7:13
  2. B.Wiggins                                                            +7
  3. S.Chavanel                                                          +7
  4. T.Van Garderen                                                  +10
  5. E. Boasson Hagen                                              +11
  6. B.D.Lancaster                                                     +11
  7. P.Gretsch                                                            +12
  8. D.Menchov                                                          +13
  9. P.Glbert                                                               +13
  10. A.Grivko                                                              +15


That’s was day one done, next up stage 1. Liege – Seraing.  198 km with five cat 4 climbs.sprinters' stage you might expect