Suffolk 100 Final Preparation.

12/10/2012   |   Posted by jeremy


Final preparation for the Suffolk 100.

It’s been an unusual week here at preowned cycles. As you will probably know we have been getting ready for our charity ride on October 13th. Today has been particularly crazy, with trying to run the website and get everything ready for the morning. Hopefully we are just about ready to go

I’ve been down to Tesco’s to buy essentials for the day. Plenty of water, tubes of energy gels, oat bars and a real treat, jammy Dodgers. Maybe the last item was not strictly necessary but when on a long ride I do start dreaming about food.

We will be starting the day with a big breakfast to get ourselves in the right frame of mind. None of your pasta round here I’m afraid; it will have to be a full fry up. That should keep us going until we get to our first food stop. Luckily for us my Wife will be driving round and meeting us at a few pre chosen places waiting with food and drinks, cheering us on (maybe not) and generally making sure we are all ok.

Our plan is to be on the road by 8.00 am. This I’m sure will be cold and possibly wet, judging by today’s weather.

We don’t know how long it will take us either but there’s no rush as we have all day. I expect we will get slower as we go round. Personally I will be chasing a large rump steak as my reward at the finish and maybe a couple of pints to wash it down.  I think I will have earned it.

You may have heard that earlier in the week we were potentially a man down when James was hurt whilst playing football.  He is limping around a bit but hopefully he will be fine, let’s face it he hasn’t got to walk so it should all be good.

We plan to keep people informed on our whereabouts by tweeting as we go round. If you follow us feel free to say hi as we go round and I will do my best to communicate with you all.

We are riding to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a great charity that does very good work. If you feel you would like to donate to our ride in their name we have a donation page at

Well it looks like an early night for me so I will say goodnight for now. I will of course do a full blog after we have finished to let you know how it all went, Ta Ta.