Safe Selling

09/12/2013   |   Posted by jeremy


We have had an issue with one site member claiming they want to buy cycles from advertisers when their intention is to take money from them instead. This would appear to be some deal about them buying the bike for their relative and arranging a courier to collect the bike from you. This is a scam. From the look of it, it is a pretty obvious one too. Please do not be tempted to send them any money and please be on your guard when selling your items.

Ask lots of questions and check out their credentials thoroughly. If you are not happy with a deal then don't be talked into doing it. Remember that the responsibility is on you to protect yourself. At this time of year there are always unscrupulous people who want to take your money from you. Rest assured we do all we can to ensure a safe website.

For an example of how this scam may work click the link below,

If you are contacted in this way, please help us by letting us know the members user name so that we can delete them from the website permanently.

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