Preventing Cycle Theft At Home With A Metal Bike Shed Or Storage Box

20/12/2014   |   Posted by jeremy

It’s abundantly clear that cycle theft is still a major problem in the UK; despite figures from the Office of National Statistics showing,  between April 2013 and March 2014, that occurrences of cycle crime are becoming rarer.

Indeed, while there was a 17% fall in cycle theft when compared to the period between April 2012 and March 2013, there were still 97,686 cycle thefts reported to the police. A large number in itself, the situation is further worsened when you consider that this number only accounts for the reported instances of cycle crime; there is potentially a far higher number of thefts that have remained unreported. Indeed, analysis from 2011 indicates that somewhere in the region of 1 in 5 bike thefts are actually reported to the authorities.

Clearly then, more needs to be done to protect bicycles from thieves. Options when storing bikes in public places essentially boil down to either buying a bigger lock, or relying on whatever security measures are already being employed in or around the area. When stored around the home, bicycle owners have a far greater selection of possibilities when it comes to safe and secure storage, and we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of a few of these in this article.


This is definitely one of the most secure bicycle storage options available to any owner; after all, you gamble the safety of the rest of your possessions on the security of your house every day; why should it be any different with your bike?

There are a number of ways to store a bike within the home, with varying degrees of convenience. The absolute simplest end of the spectrum simply requires enough space for a bike to be stood up in a room or corridor; while more complex solutions suspend bikes from the wall, or even the ceiling, to ensure that they stay out the way.

But convenience is really where indoor storage falls down; even with the best will in the world, your bike is going to shed oil, moisture, and dirt all over your home. Even when suspended from the wall and ceiling, they take up a lot of space. Some people are happy to exchange a greater chance of security for the lack of convenience, but for those that aren’t, outdoor storage may achieve better results.


The most common form of outdoor bike storage is the instantly recognisable bike lock, whether it’s in D-ring or chain form. An unfortunate, yet inarguable fact with bike locks is that they are generally easy to circumvent; whether with bolt cutter or power tools. In essence, if a committed bike thief wants to steal your bike, and it’s worth the effort to do so, there’s little to stop them.

This is essentially the same argument when it comes to using outdoor bike racks as well; many sacrifice comprehensive security for ease of use, and for the most part still rely on bike locks to prevent unauthorised movement. Unless you have access to industrial grade chains, or a completely secure back garden, there’s a good chance that your bike will be noticed and that, eventually, if it’s worth stealing, it will be taken. There’s not really a way around this, even if tarpaulin or something similar is used to provide protection from the elements, a bike’s silhouette is still very apparent!


Perhaps the best of both worlds, a secure shed or garden storage box effectively conquers the downsides that are inescapable with both the previous security methods. Being outside, a shed or garden storage box minimises the amount of time that a dirty, space leeching bike will spend indoors, while also being extremely difficult to break into.

This is also assuming that thieves are even aware your bike is being stored on the premises at all; unless they see you storing the bike in the first place, there’s no way they’d know. The most secure sheds and garden storage boxes on the market have no windows; you’d need x-ray vision to identify the contents!

At the high-end of the spectrum when it comes to storage boxes and sheds, especially those purchased with the express purpose of securely storing valuable possessions, are those constructed from ; offering an additional layer of security. While being easy to use and convenient to tuck away into a corner of your garden, they are also often large enough to store more than one bike, or other equipment, adding further utility.