Our First Anniversary

10/06/2013   |   Posted by jeremy

Our first anniversary.

Well it’s been just over a year since we went live with www.preownedcycles.co.uk  and what a year it’s been. As a keen cyclist I wanted to create a website that was a real hub for cyclists. My idea was simple, a single place where you could buy and sell a bike, bike parts or anything bike related that would be simple to understand and use but crucially didn’t cost a fortune. My thoughts had turned to auction websites and I was thinking how greedy some sites were as they would often take 10% of the sale price. My idea was a little different; I wanted a simpler more old fashioned approach so I decided to use a classified format with a fixed low price for each advert and no aftersales commissions.

As my idea developed I thought what a good idea it would be to have a swap section as well as a forum. This could be the ultimate way of recycling your cycle. Although early days for the swap section I had a great message from one of our members the other day telling me he had just swapped his road bike for a Brompton, I was absolutely chuffed.

The great thing about building a new website is that you can include whatever you want. I spent a long time working on different ideas that I thought people may like. It was important to me to have a site that looked good and not too cluttered, hopefully I have achieved this.

I looked around for a team of web designers that would understand exactly what I needed and I found them at Creative Intent. Matt and Paul and the rest of the team did a great job interpreting my ideas into actual web pages and for that I owe them a big thank you.

I spent some  time at bike shows giving out cards and talking to people to let as many people know as possible that we were about to go live. We also ran adverts in Cycling Plus and Mountain biking U.K for several months to drum up some interest, all very exciting.

Finally the day arrived when we went live. Nerves didn’t begin to describe how I was feeling as we counted down. Then it happened, we were live. It was a mixture of excitement and panic to see if anyone would like to visit the new site and maybe, just maybe place an advert. At first there was a trickle of visitors. I knew it would take time for people to hear about us but as each day went by more people were starting to register with us as members and adverts were starting to appear.

As the months have rolled by we have tweaked and refined the site more and more, with the addition of the blog, bike related YouTube videos as well as longer listing times. On the forum side we have also been lucky enough to have the helpful services of Russ, our in house fitness coach. He is an ex G.B triathlete who knows loads and loads about how to achieve great results on the bike, so if you need any advice drop him a line on the forum he is bound to have some great advice for you. We have made some great friends through social media like twitter and Facebook and we always promote the bike adverts through them to reach a bigger audience at no extra cost to the customer.

As I said at the start we are at the end of our first year and we feel that we are starting to become firmly established in the second hand bike market. Of course we would not be where we are without the encouragement and support from everyone who has visited us over the last year so a huge thank you to you all.

We will continue to work hard to develop the site for you, so keep coming back for a visit and don’t forget to help us spread the word by telling other cyclists about us.