Not My Best Year On The Bike

02/11/2013   |   Posted by jeremy

It’s been a while since I posted my last blog, I’m not sure why but I think it had something to do with being a dry summer and being busy doing lots of other things. That’s not really a great excuse I know but it’s all I’ve got.  For me this year on the bike has been one of my worst. I have told you before about my love of the road bike and the sort of places I like to ride, well I had one of those summers where I just couldn’t quite get my act together and as a result was left feeling a bit unfit and slightly disappointed with the whole thing.

I knew things were bad when I entered the Suffolk coast charity ride for the eighth time in a row. Normally by the time this comes round I’m like a cycling machine, I can tear round the course in a blistering time and cross the line feeling like I’ve just popped down the road for a paper. However this year things were very different.  In my defence I was carrying an injury to my ribs and I found this affected my whole day. I felt ok as me and three friends set off from the start line but it was a very hot day and things quickly turned sour for me as we made our way along the sixty mile route.

Normally I can easily match everybody’s pace and quite often open the taps to put a bit of pressure on but not this time. I was soon dragging behind.  The pain in my side was bad and as a result I started to sweat a lot. This made me very dehydrated and with the heat of the day no matter what I did I was starting to go downhill fast.

I got to the point where I actually thought I can’t complete the course but by the time I thought this I was so far along that coming back to the car would have been just as far anyway so I carried on albeit in a sort of limp home mode. The others went off which was actually better for me as I didn’t feel I was holding them up.

I was surprised to find though, just within the last mile of the route a group of three guys in the distance on the side of the road. As I got close I saw it was my friends. My first thought was, ah how nice they have decided to wait for me so we could all cross the line together, but as I came up to them I realized they had just got a puncture and had no intention of waiting for me at all. I over took them saying something about slow and steady wins the race in a kind of Terry Wogan style manner but then I stopped. I couldn’t do this to them after their bad luck so I went back and waited with them so we could finish together.

Definitely not my favourite ride this year but I did make it and have the certificate to prove it.

This year hasn’t all been doom and gloom though as I did have the good fortune of being given a very nice steel framed touring bike. It was in a bad way when I got it but after a new drivetrain and cables and a few other components it makes a really great winter / commuting bike. I have been out on the pouring rain on this bike and I really enjoy the feel of it. It is very heavy compared to my Trek but there is a comforting feeling from the chunky wheels and tyres and bullet proof frame. I think this bike could take on just about any terrain without a fuss. I think of it as the Volvo estate of the cycling world, strong and reliable.

That’s it for now. I will do my very best to blog more regularly from now on, hopefully once a week so stay tuned to find out what me and the Volvo have been up to, ta ta……