My Change In Bike Riding

05/03/2016   |   Posted by jeremy

My change in bike riding.




A strange thing has happened to me over the last couple of years, Firstly due to a difficult to deal with dizzy problem i have had to reduce and on some weeks stop riding my bike altogether. When this first occured two years ago i found it all rather upsetting and a bit depressing. I was known in the past as a strong rider with an unatural ability to climb the steepest of hills with a smile on my face. I would go down to southern France at least once a year in pursuit of the really big hills also known as mountains. I also loved the long distance rides early on a Sunday morning when i could get out on a relatively traffic free road. 

I could safely say that cycling was an obsession and a way of life. So it was quite difficult to cope with such a massive change. All of a sudden i could barely make it to the end of the road without turning round and coming back. Since all this happened i have gradually got used to the dizzy / foggyness and have decided to hell with it i need to get back out there anyway. I know that i will never again get back to the rider that i once was but now that i have come to terms with it i have started to enjoy the ride for the rides sake. By this i mean i am no longer whizzing along the roads clad in lycra trying to smash my personal bests but rather i am taking out my trusty steel framed touring bike dressed for all types of weather. 

I can't even wear my wrap round shades but have to rely on my regular glasses. Gradually i have started riding a bit further than the end of the road and i am now proud to say i can do twenty five miles at one go. I have also started to enjoy the ride for what it is. I choose quiet back roads so that cars don't bother me and i can relax and look about at the scenery which i really didn't notice that much before. The other day i went out in the most horrible conditions. It was raining and very windy. I have to say that i was grumbling to myself a fair bit and thinking about turning round when i looked across a field to see a stag with a huge set of antlers staring back at me. From that moment on i realized what the ride was all about. It's not always about beating personal bests, training for sportives and continually updating my kit for the latest thing on the market but for me at least it's about enjoying the world around me, seeing what mother nature has to offer including the weather and really enjoying the moment. 

That's not to say that i wont get my proper road bike ever again but i think i have accepted it wont be what it was and maybe for me from now on all i need is the actual enjoyment of the ride.