Introduction To Our New Coach

31/03/2013   |   Posted by jeremy


COACH RUSS - A very brief history.

As you may know by now we have a new member to the team, Russ is our in house Fitness guy who is an ex GB triathlete. He can be found in the Ask the coach section on the forum and is available to answer all your bike fitness questions and indeed is an invaluable source of knowledge in many other bike areas. 

Maybe you have just started biking and need some advise on the best way to train or maybe you are a seasoned timetrialer and want to improve your times. Either way he can help you. 

This blog is written by the man himself and let's you kow all about how he got here today so read on and enjoy his intro into the forum.

Where to begin? Well for me it all started with messer's, Millar, and Yates. I remember watching the television one day and seeing Robert Millar dancing on the pedals respledant in his black and white peugeot strip. I was hooked straight away. Watching him climb so effortlessly, just had me hypnotised. 
So for Christmas that year, a 8 year old from Coventry was an extremely good boy, and Santa delivered me a 12 speed Viscount racer in dazzling white. My love affair with everything two wheeled, and powered by legs had begun. 
I first got into racing bikes by being introduced into the world of cycle speedway at the same age. A friend of mine and I went for a bike ride. I was wearing my newly purchased Z-peugeot strip, (Which I still wish I had. Although it maybe a little tight now) and he recommended to me that we go and watch some racing. We went along and within a couple of weeks, My Dad and I had knocked up a speedway bike. A few trophies then came along, as well as a few scars. 
Following some miscreant braking into my dads garage and stealing my beloved Viscount, meant an insurance payout, and a new bike. So I decided to get involved in a new craze from the states. (Thanks Gary Fisher - Guru of the MTB, and all round nice bloke).
I bought a Marin muirwoods, and immediatly entered into a couple of local races. It didnt go to well at first, I spent a lot of time getting close to the floor, trees, and bushes. Slowly my handling, braking and balance got better and I again, dropped lucky and won a little bit of silverware.
I went thorough one or two more mountain bikes, (GT, and another Marin) but my passion for mountain bikes has never wained. I still own a hard tail, and threaten to race cross country again. (I have been talked into the Mega avalanche next year)
Next up time trials, and triathlon. This time it was a brand called Quintana Roo. The reason behind the purchase, was it the aero tubing? the light weight carbon frame? Nope, it was the paint job. Blue and white with a bubble effect rising from top to bottom of the frame. A true thing of beauty, that I wanted to keep for ever. (I sold it in the end as appently you can only ride one bike at a time)
My first foray into the world of time trials and dual carriageways didnt go exactly to plan, getting sligtly lost, and putting an extra 3 miles onto a 25mile course. Making a for a sligtly unimpressive time. Slowly I learnt more and educated myself with the skills and training I required for rthe race against the clock. I improved and broke the hour for the 25.
Sadly, I dont race many time trials anymore. I have seen to many tradgaties and lost a couple of friends. 
From there I moved into the world of triathlon and all things shiney. With a background as a county swimmer, county runner and keen cyclist it was an easy transition to make. (Triathlon joke in there) Again I picked up bits of silverware here and there, a few mentions in the local papers, so I decided to take it a little more serious. I got myself a coach, ramped up the amount of hours a week I trained, and ended up racing for Great Britian in the World Duathlon Championships, and the European Triathlon Championships. 
Sadly ill health, and injury forced me into early retirement. So I hung up my tri-suit and stepped down from competition.
I had completed sprint, olympic, half ironman, and full ironman. I had also raced sprint and standard distance duathlons. So what next? I decided to turn my attention to coaching. I gained qualifications, swatted up on books. I watched dvd's and managed to talk my way into the back of team cars at domestic races.
I now spend my time coaching adults and children in triathlon and cycling. I'm lucky enough that my work takes me to some beautiful parts of the world, and I get to meet some great people and run some great training camps. (Currently sat typing this up, in sunny Majorca)
So if you like the idea of being coached, or just have a question, drop me a message
look forward to hearing from you