Farewell To 2012

31/12/2012   |   Posted by jeremy


Well what a year it’s been for me, the life of an ordinary cyclist who one day had the bright idea of starting a website for people who wanted a cheaper way of buying and selling bikes.

From the Autumn of 2011 I had already had some firm ideas about what I wanted to do and one day I just to myself I have to give this a go or I will always regret it. So that is what I did. I knew absolutely nothing about websites other than looking at them and didn’t know where to start. After contacting a load of people I travelled round the area talking to web designers to find out what they could do for me.

To start with they could have told me anything and I wouldn’t have known if what they were telling me was correct. Gradually I started to learn, but the most important thing for me was that I had a vision in my head of what the site should look like. I wanted a site that was simple in design, easy to navigate where you didn’t have to think too much about how to use it, a place where you could talk to other cyclists about all things cycling and above all somewhere that didn’t charge the earth for the pleasure of using it.

I went to the London cycle show last January to hand out cards for a website that at that point wasn’t even live and I must admit I felt like a fish out of water. I stuck with it though and made some pretty useful connections.

We finally went live at the end of April, which was nerve wrecking to say the least. We had problems to start with and a lot of panic as some things worked while others didn’t.  As time has gone by we have settled down and made changes to the site pretty much every month. We are now at a place where I feel we are finally sailing a smooth ship as it were. The steep learning curve has shallowed and we are building ourselves a place in the world of cycling.

On a purely personal level, this year I have had some great rides too. I got out on my Trek Madone much earlier than I would normally do and got some good mileage under my belt. I love the early morning Sunday rides in the summer when most sensible people are still in bed. There’s no feeling like it when you feel you have finally got some form in your legs and are flying.

I did more; longer rides than I normally do which was great. The only disappointment for me this year was that I didn’t get down to France to ride but with luck I can rectify that in 2013. I loved all the excitement of the cycling on the telly from the spring classics to Bradley Wiggins winning The Tour de France and Gold in the Olympic TT.

I also with the help of my Stepson James and my neighbour and friend Ashley managed to achieve a personal cycling goal, my first hundred miler, in fact it was a first for all of us and what a great day we had. We did it in aid of Cancer Research UK and after all the money came in we raised £1073.00.

I have to admit that I now really want to do another hundred miler or more, so I’m kind of looking around for something in 2013.

I will be back in London for the Cycle show in January 2013. If you see me stop me, say hello and ask me for a card, as I will be handing them out to give the user a free advert on the site. Like a kind of where’s Wally. I will be the grey haired lanky guy in a blue & white t shirt so good luck.

Finally here’s wishing you all a very Happy New year for 2013, I hope the year brings you everything you want from life and more smiley