Could You Sketch A Bike From Memory?

19/04/2016   |   Posted by Matt

Back in 2009, Italian artist Gianluca Gimini began asking random people to sketch a drawing of a bike. Why? Apparently it was initially out of interest. But then it became a passion. As he collected more and more sketches, it became clear that many people couldn't actually produce an accurate drawing, often missing out key bicycle components. Little did Gianluca know at the time, but this is actually a common psychological test that is used to prove that our brains trick us into thinking that we know more about objects than we do in reality.

Having amassed a significant collection of these sketches, in 2016 Gianluca decided it was his turn to contribute to the project and began the task of rendering concepts of some of the more interesting sketches. Below you'll find some of these concepts. Some are quite interesting, others entirely hilarious but one thing can be said about each and every one; they are nothing like any bike we've ever seen!

Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments or on Twitter (@PreownedCycles) and if you're feeling brave why not challenge yourself to sketch a bicycle from memory and share the results!