Back In The Groove.

01/04/2014   |   Posted by jeremy

Back in the groove

After the last few weeks of being a bit on the wobbly side due to an uncertain doctor’s diagnosis and with the weather starting to get better each day I was faced with a rare thing, a day off. Having spent the sometime watching the cycling on the telly and having ventured out on another test run, I was determined to get a descent length ride in at last. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was out and there was very little wind to speak of. I got my Trek out of the garage and did the habitual checks on the tyres and chain before getting changed ready for a good attempt at an hour plus ride.

Due to the time I had, I was under no pressure to perform so I hit the road at a rather sedate pace just to get myself settled into a comfortable rhythm.  The traffic was light which was a blessing as I headed north towards Woodbridge, a small market town which is not unpleasant to ride through before heading out towards the forest roads of Rendlesham and Orford.

Here the roads get very quiet so it was the perfect place to get the feel for the bike once again. Not only was it a case of getting the balance sorted out but also getting my legs and lungs in shape after such a long winter lay off.  My pace was a little quicker than I had expected which was good news and my heart rate was around 145bpm. I was settling down for a good ride. On this route there are no real surprises in the shape of climbs so it was easy to just roll along.

When I reached the outskirts of Orford I stopped for an oat bar and a drink. I usually carry a couple of these with me as they do make really cheap energy bars, the only problem I find with them is that you do need to take a drink with them as after 20 miles they can turn your mouth into a sort of dry concrete mixture, so you definitely need something to wash them down with.

 As I was feeling good I was tempted to take a slightly longer route than planned but changed my mind. It is very easy to get lulled into this when you are feeling o.k. only to regret it later when you run out of legs and are still a long way from home. So I stuck to my planned route. I could feel that I was still a bit wobbly but it was definitely an improvement once again on the previous ride which was lifting my confidence.

On the way back there are in fact a few short but steep hills to negotiate, but only around four or five hundred metres in length.  This would be a test as that was one of my main problems before with the balance. I was feeling good so went at them with some drive and to my surprise found that they weren’t as bad as expected.

By the time I got back home and had clocked up 31 miles. I was very pleased with that and it was a good start back on the road to this year’s bike fitness. For the rest of the week I rode my commuter bike to the office to keep my legs turning but on the Friday morning had a little more time so decided to do the Monday route again. I clocked up the same 31 miles but the real surprise to me was the time difference, just 8 seconds over the same course. Considering the distance and the fact that you can get held up at road junctions etc, it made me smile.

The weeks total was 77 miles, so with that behind me and the fact that the clocks have gone forward, I am now looking forward to doing a few evening training rides. I am still feeling the dizziness but hopefully as time goes on it will disappear for good. I am taking it one ride at a time.